Subject: Adchill Pricing

Adchill pricing can be confusing or even mysterious, we are keenly aware of that 

so we wanted to do something about it

but a unicorn dragon slayer like yourself

knows that slaying dragons (or zucks) is what really matters

so if you don't mind, and have .2 mili seconds, i'd like to ask you 2 simple 3rd grade level questions 

how much are you spending per month on ads?

what is your current ROAS?

ok, now time to accelerate (leveling up to 6th grade math..)

let's say you're spending 100,000 per month on ads 

and your ROAS is a 1.8

that would mean that for every 100,000 you put into ads

that you are getting 180,000 back out

180,000 - 100,000 = 80,000 profit

you still with me? i promise, math class is almost over.

so 100 into ads and 180 out, leaving 80 in profit..

nice, but zuck, we need better than that

on average, users double their ROAS within 60 days of using adchill

so imagine taking that 100,000 and running it through adchill, first

adchill will find hundreds of more profitable audiences

more profitable creatives...

and more profitable copy...

all on autopilot

and when you double your ROAS on that 100,000 on ads

you would now have a 3.6 ROAS (1.8 * 2)

now look at the following FB support staff level math...

100,000 in... with a 3.6 roas = 360,000 out...

leaving you with a profit of 260,000...

that's better, zucky ducky.

now, you tell me, what's that worth? 

what would you pay to get those results?

... think about that on your own time & let me know someday

we didn't even mention how you can achieve a 2x roas while spending 95% less time

duh, because a machine that doesn't sleep does it for you

but whatever, that's beside the point

unfortunately, this is probably more important....

i come bearing some pesky, irritating new, sorry :(

the pricing of adchill is kept close to our chest, just like your winning ads

why, adchill, why can't i just know the pricing

well... you know how you are picky when it comes to eating..?

those nasty mushrooms, yuck, who actually likes those? 

well, fortunately, but unfortunately, but still kind of fortunately, the internet is open to everyone

anyone can google "adchill" or "how do i 10x my ad results" or "how do i scale my ads"

and anyone would be able to get into our inner circle if we just had a standard pricing page where you could buy adchill

and this is exactly why we don't have one

if we let everyone jump on the adchill rocket ship, it won't be as effective, right?

we are orbiting around the world of facebook ads

and flying laps around all of those advertisers that are still using ads manager

the point is, we can't and don't want everyone to be using adchill

i'm sorry if this is like ripping a bandaid off, but it had to be said

the entire point of advertising online is to get an unfair advantage, right?

*turns on max brain power* isn't that exactly why you advertise online? so you have a competitive advantage where you can have traffic sent to your business 24/7/365.

i'll keep my toes, fingers & teeth crossed, hoping & praying this doesn't deter you from scaling your ads like the pros w/ adchill

you don't have our direct line but if you are a daring entrepreneur that can handle your ad results exploding you might just find a way to get access to adchill

but no worries if not, the thing is, level 10 unicorn dragon slayers are rare 

but at the end of the day, adchill is a rocket ship that is propelling the next great generation of world bettering companies

those businesses will be led by the next Elon, Steve Jobs, Oprah, Bill Gates, or even the top dawg, your majesty (& mine), the absolute GOAT of all GOATS Marky mark (not sucking up to zuck to get ad credits, i swear....)

The best entrepreneurs in the world with world bettering companies are the ones we want to work with

those entrepreneurs who have a billion person or dollar vision

because here's the thing...

the world has it's challenges

we both know that, and the ones in charge are the same ones that we are still teaching how to use iPhones

so why not, instead of worrying about pricing or small things like that, worry about how you're going to get to a billion

so you can make a change, leave your legacy & build a business that is around longer than you

the only way to bring your vision to life is by being able to acquire paying customers from ads 24/7/365 profitably

and i'm not talking profitable like sometimes winning a bet with your buds

but profitable, with the certainty, that every dollar you put into ads, you get atleast 3 out

and not just that

but being able to scale this up to a point where no other business can compete

my toes are getting tired from typing, so i'm going to go get pummeled by some waves